Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hollow-snouted srub frog (Pseudophilautus cavirostris)

English: Hollow-snouted srub frog
Binomial: Pseudophilautus cavirostris
Sinhala: හිරිගඩු පඳුරු මැඩියා[Hirigadu panduru madiya]

Pseudophilautus cavirostris is an endemic species of shrub frog restricted to the wet zone rain forests where there is a good canopy cover. Mostly lives on mossy leaves of trees, stems and wet rock surfaces. Well camouflaged body makes it difficult to identify at once for their predators. physique is similar to Pseudophilautus schmarda and to Pseudophilautus decoris who's distribution is restricted to the central highlands and to the Rakwana highlands respectively. But the population of p.cavirostris has been extended to lowland rain forests also. IUCN Red List status of this frog is 'Endangered'. Habitat loss and agro-chemicals are considered to be the main threats for the existence of this frog.

Reference: Sri Lankawe Ubhayajeeven - Rohan Pethiyagoda/Kelum Manamendra-arachchi

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