Thursday, December 29, 2016

Half-webbed Pug-snout Frog (Uperodon palmatus)

English: Half-webbed Pug-snout Frog
Binomial: Uperodon palmatus/Ramanella palmata
Sinhala: පාකර්ගේ මොට හොඹු මැඩියා[Pakerge mota hombu madiya]

Half-webbed Pug-snout Frog is an endemic species of frogs restricted to the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Above photographed specimen was found close to a forest in Nuwaraeliya district and the elevation above sea level of the location was about 1894m. It is considered to be a rare species due to the limited distribution of the population. This frog is morphologically more similar to Uperodon obscurus. But the differences in webbed feet can be used to distinguish one form other.

Currently limited researches have been done related to the breeding biology of this species. According to those researches, Mr. Anaslem de Silva has reported that he has observed the tadpoles of this frog in phytothelms in Horton National Park (de Silva, 1999). In addition to that in a research done by Dr. Kanishka Ukuwela and others have reported that they have observed the tadpoles of this frog in rock pools close to a stream in Seetha Eliya(Ukuwela, Silva, and Athukorala 2010).

IUCN Red List status of this amphibian is 'Endangerd'. Agricultural activities, logging, forest dieback and droughts can be regarded as major threats for the species.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Conchidium braccatum/Eria braccata

Binomial Name: Conchidium braccatum/Eria braccata

Conchidium braccatum is a wild orchid found in highlands of Sri Lanka and in India. Above photographs were taken at "Sri Pada" Peak Wilderness sanctuary in August.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Chestnut Streaked Sailer (Neptis jumbah)

English: Chestnut Streaked Sailer
Binomial: Neptis jumbah

Neptis jumbah is a widely distributed butterfly in many countries in the world including Sri Lanka. It is more similar to Common Sailer. But it is less common compared to Common Sailer and mostly lives in well-wooded areas. Above photographed one was found at Makandawa rain forest in Kithulgala. IUCN Red List status of this butterfly is 'LC'.