Sunday, October 26, 2014

Common Sailer (Neptis hylas)

English : Common Sailer
Binomial Name : Neptis hylas
This butterfly lives in South Asia and Southeast Asia including all environmental regions of Sri Lanka. Can be identified by the three white color lines in the upperside. Larval food plants belong to Fabaceae family. Two forms can be seen based on dry and wet seasons.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dark-branded Bushbrown (Mycalesis mineus)

English : Dark-branded Bushbrown
Binomial Name : Mycalesis mineus
Wildly distributed butterfly around Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. Two forms exist and they are namely dry season form and and wet season form. Uperside of the wings is dark in Wet-season form and paler in Dry-season form. Larval food plant is grasses belongs to Poaceae family.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oriental Scarlet (Crocothemis servilia servilia)


English : Oriental Scarlet
Binomial Name : Crocothemis servilia servilia
Oriental Scarlet is an extremely widespread species of dragonfly that can be seen in many geographical regions of the world including Sri Lanka. Male is totally red colored and female is olivaceous brown in color. It lives everywhere near stagnant water reservoirs such as tanks, ponds and paddy fields.

Marsh Skimmer (Orthetrum luzonicum)


English : Marsh Skimmer
Binomial Name : Orthetrum luzonicum 
Widely distributed dragonfly throughout Asian countries including Sri Lanka.Breeds in marshy habitats. It is a Least-Concerned spices in red data list and no threats have been identified.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sri Lankan Hedge Hopper (Baracus vittatus vittatus)

English : Sri Lankan Hedge Hopper
Binomial Name : Baracus vittatus vittatus
Baracus vittatus is an endemic butterfly of Sri Lanka. It can be seen mostly in hill country were its larval food grasses (eg: Garnotia exaristata) grow. This butterfly is common in areas where elevation above the sea level is greater than 1500 meters. But it has been recorded in areas where the elevation is low as 900 meters.