Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sri Lanka Dull-blue Flycatcher (Eumyias sordida)

E.sordida in 50 rupee note
English : Sri Lanka Dull-blue Flycatcher / Dusky-Blue Flycatcher
Scientific : Eumyias sordida
Sinhala : අඳුරු නිල් මැසිමාරා / Anduru nil masimara

Sri Lanka Dull-blue Flycatcher is an endemic bird living in highlands of Sri Lanka. It can be seen mostly in forests and well wooded areas where elevation from the sea level is greater than 600 meters. Horton Plains National Park, Piduruthalagala and Hakgala are some places among them.

Female of this bird is slightly duller compared to the adult male. Nest is cup shaped and made of moss. Even thought the adult birds has the color of dull blue, juveniles are brown. This bird feeds on flying insects, beetles and other insects. It has been reported that it eats berries. An image of E. sordida can be seen in 50 rupee note of Sri Lanka (2010 series).

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