Saturday, February 22, 2014

Black-headed Ibis & Asian Openbill

English: Black-headed Ibis / Oriental White ibis
Scientific: Threskiornis melanoce
Sinhala: ඉන්දු සුදු දෑතුඩුවා [Indu sudu dethuduwa]
Black-headed Ibis can be seen in lowland regions of Sri Lanka. They live mostly in wet areas of Udawala and Yala national parks. Long down-curved beak is used to hunt their pray hidden in shallow mud or water. Their Male and female birds look similar.

English  : Asian Openbill
Scientific : Anastomus oscitans
Sinhala : ආසියානු විවරතුඩුවා [Asiyanu wiwarathuduwa]
This bird can be seen in wet areas of dry zone national parks of Sri Lanka. It has been given the name “Open bill” due to the beak that doesn’t get fully closed. Always the bill is closed with a considerable gap between the lower and upper mandible. Even thought Open bill’s diet consists of Snails, It eats other aquatic creatures like fish and frogs.

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