Monday, October 10, 2016

Lieftinck's Sprite (Archibasis lieftincki)

English: Lieftinck's Sprite
Binomial: Archibasis lieftincki

Archibasis lieftincki is an endemic species of damselflies found in Sri Lanka. It is a recently described (Conniff & Bedjanič, 2013) species restricted to the wet zone forests. They can be seen perching on the vegetation in the margins of rivlets of the forest. In a research done by Amila Sumanapala and others (Sumanapala, Podduwage, and Dayananda 2016) they have mentioned Pahiyangala, Indikada Mukalana,Thotaha and Walallawita for observed locations for the species. Above photographed ones were found in a rivlet at Gilimale forest reserve and in a margin of a pond at the Sinharaja forest reserve in June. IUCN Red List status of this damselfly has not been evaluated yet. But any activity that changes the environmental conditions of law land forest ecosystems might be a threat for the species.

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