Sunday, November 29, 2015

Long-snouted tree frog (Taruga longinasus)

English: Long-snouted tree frog
Binomial: Taruga longinasus
Sinhala: දික් හොඹු ගස් මැඩියා[Dik hombu gas madiya]

Taruga longinasus is an endemic species of frog restricted to the wet zone of Sri Lanka. It can be identified easily by very long snout and the elongated body. I observed them on trees about 1-1.5 meters above the ground level. The ground was wet and there were some slow running water streams close to their habitat. Observed calling sound was like 'Cruck-chus'. This frog makes bubble nests close to water to lay eggs and the tadpoles fall into the water below after some time. Above photographs were taken in Kalugala forest reserve.
Reference: Sri Lankawe Ubhayajeeven - Rohan Pethiyagoda/Kelum Manamendra-arachchi

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