Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Corrugated water frog (Lankanectes corrugatus)

Watch below video to listen the call
English: Corrugated water frog/ Sri Lanka wart frog
Binomial Name: Lankanectes corrugatus
Sinhala: වක රැලි දිය මැඩියා[Waka reli diya mediya]

Endemic but common frog found in law-land and montane zone of Sri Lannka. L. corrugatus is the only member of genus Lankanectes and the only member of Lankanectinae sub family. They only live in running and still water bodies. They can be easily identified by their corrugated/folded skin of the dorsum. Living places can be identified by the unique call, "Urrm". IUCN Red List status of this frog is 'Least Concern'.

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