Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sri Lanka rock frog (Nannophrys ceylonensis)

English: Sri Lanka rock frog
Binomial Name: Nannophrys ceylonensis
Sinhala: ලංකා ගල්පර දිය මැඩියා / ලංකා ගල්පර මැඩියා[Lanka galpara diya madiya / Lanka galpara madiya]

Nannophrys ceylonensis is an endemic species of frogs found in wet zone lowlands and montane zone upto 1200 meters above the sea level. This frog is aquatic and lives on moist rock surfaces. In IUCN Red List, this frog is listed as vulnerable. Main threads are habitat loss due to reducing volume of water on rock surfaces and agrochemicals.

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