Monday, November 24, 2014

Kelaart's dwarf toad (Adenomus kelaartii)

English: Kelaart's dwarf toad/Kellaarti's pygmy frog/Kelaart's toad
Binomial Name: Adenomus kelaartii/Bufo kelaartii/Adenomus badioflavus
Sinhala: කෙලාර්ට්ගේ කුරු ගෙම්බා[Kelaartge kuru gemba]

Kelaart's dwarf toad is an endemic species of frog lives in wet zone of Sri Lanka. It is semi arboreal and can be found in south-west of the island. Body is covered with tiny warts. It is considered as an endangered species in IUCN red list due to Habitat modification from deforestation, Logging related activities, Habitat fragmentation, Local pesticides, fertilizers and pollutants.

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