Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot (Loriculus beryllinus)

Usually hangs upside down by feet
on 1000 rupee currency note

English : Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot / Ceylon Lorikeet 
Binomial Name : Loriculus beryllinus
Sinhala : ගිරාමලිත්තා / පොල් ගිරවා [Gira Maliththa / Pol Girawa]
An endemic bird of Sri Lanka that can be seen in low country and hill country elevation above the sea level is lesser than 1200 meters. This strictly arboreal bird feeds on fruits, seeds and nectar of flowers. It has been observed that this bird drink toddy collected on toddy pots during toddy tapping season of coconut trees. It is given the name 'Hanging Parrot' due to the habit of roosting and feeding with its head down like a bat. It appears on the new 1000 rupee currency note of Sri Lanka.

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