Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tennent’s leaf-nosed lizard (Ceratophora tennentii)

English: Tennent’s leaf-nosed lizard
Binomial: Ceratophora tennentii
Sinhala: ටෙනන්ට්ගේ පෙති අං කටුස්සා[Tennentge pethi an katussa]

Tennent’s leaf-nosed lizard is an endemic species of lizard mostly restricted to the knuckles mountain range of Sri Lanka. Bearing a leaf like appendage on the end of the nose is the uniquely identifiable feature of this lizard. In the day time this lizard can be seen hanging vertically on tree trunks inside the covered forest.


  1. Can any one describe the exact function of the sexually dimorphic leaf nose?
    Is it for temperature measurement, sexual display, pheromone detection ????

    1. Prof: Lalith,
      I am not an expert to answer that question.
      You will be able to get an idea if you contact
      Dr. Ruchira Somaweera or Dr. Kanishka Ukuwela