Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Leaf-nesting shrub frog (Pseudophilautus femoralis)

Binomial: Pseudophilautus femoralis
English: Leaf-nesting shrub frog
Sinhala: පළා පඳුරු මැඩියා[Pala panduru madiya]  

Pseudophilautus femoralis is an endemic species of frog restricted to the cloud forests of central highlands of Sri Lanka. Common places to observe this frog is Horton national park and "Sri Pada" Peak Wilderness sanctuary. Above photographs were taken at Sripada where elevation above the sea level is about 1950m. They lay eggs underside of the leaves. Directly froglets are emerged from the eggs without having a visible tadpole stage.

Reference: Sri Lankawe Ubhayajeeven - Rohan Pethiyagoda/Kelum Manamendra-arachchi

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